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     Hiring cleaners from Chelsea Carpet Cleaning has saved me so much time and stress. I work a pretty hectic job and rarely have time for cleaning, so having someone come in and do it for me is such a relief, and means I always have a clean home to come back to.
Melly Giles19/05/2020
     I am very happy with the carpet cleaning that they did at my flat. ChelseaCarpetCleaning also has the lowest rates out of all of their competitors.
Marcie Y.20/09/2019
      ChelseaCarpetCleaning did a great job cleaning out the house before moving out. Even the buyers told us how clean it looked!
Danielle H.19/09/2019
      Chelsea Cleaning Company did a terrific job with my rugs in my bungalow. I had a lot of hand-woven rugs which had never been cleaned! I loved them so much, but they were looking grubby as I had owned them for a few years. A friend suggested having them cleaned by a professional and that was what I did. This company did a super job and made them look like new again, and it was an inexpensive service too!
A. Perry13/01/2016
     I rely on ChelseaCarpetCleaning to keep my office clean, and I've yet to be disappointed! I have quite a large and busy office, but this company offers out-of-hours cleaning so I don't need to worry about work getting interrupted. The cleaners work really hard and are very effective, and the cost is really business-friendly as well. I can't imagine using another cleaning company!
Mike G.14/10/2015
     ChelseaCarpetCleaners are the best provider of cleaning services that I've ever used, and I've used quite a few in the past. Hiring a cleaner from here was quick and easy, and the help I received was second to none. I'd definitely use this service again!
     After our landlord came round a couple of weeks ago, and did a house inspection ahead of us leaving the property, he gave us a list of things that we needed to sort out, in order to get our deposit back. Whilst we worked on the simpler tasks we had no clue how to complete some of the other requirements he had set us. Fortunately, after a little bit of internet searching we came across ChelseaCarpetCleaners, and we called them up to hear more about their services. We booked an appointment with them, and when they were done, we couldn't recognize the house. Even the most obscure and tedious requirements from our landlord had been met, let's just hope we don't ruin it before we move out!
     I'm more than happy with ChelseaCarpetCleaners and the ways in which they've helped me. I really struggle when it comes to cleaning my home because of the tight schedule that I have so I knew a professional cleaner was the right choice for me. I chose this company because of their excellent reviews, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. The clean they did was thorough and they even got into those hard-to-reach places that I always forget about. My whole home looked brand new and I'll definitely be a repeat customer from now on! Thank you all so much for the help!
Patrick S.08/07/2014
     I wanted my rental property cleaning after my last tenant moved out. They had dogs and had left a fair amount of mess including hair and the place smelt of dogs. I contacted ChelseaCarpetCleaners and explained the problem but they assured me it wouldn't be a problem and set a date. The cleaners arrived with plenty of cleaning materials and tools. They knew what to do and swept, scrubbed, rinsed, mopped and polished everything until it was spotless. The place looked wonderful when the cleaning ladies had done. The house is ready now for a new tenant, and possible without the dogs.
Glenn Cooper12/06/2014
     I wanted to surprise my elderly Mum whist she was on holiday with a total overall clean of her house. It was getting her down continually cleaning the place, so I took the advantage of hiring the experts. A friend suggested I call ChelseaCarpetCleaners, as she was very happy with the work they did for her. I called and booked a date for a big clean up from top to bottom. The staff arrived on time, dressed in smart work uniforms. We briefly went over what was to be done and they got on with the work. They worked nonstop cleaning everything thoroughly and with great care and attention.
Jean Spears26/05/2014
     When I look for a service, like a plumber, electrician etcetera, I am looking for a great job, for a great price, with great customer service. If any of them lack, then I feel that the price is usually undeserving, as these people are here to provide a service! With ChelseaCarpetCleaners I always get all three in abundance, they are loyal, hardworking, well mannered and extremely competitively priced. I don't know what I'd do without them really, as they have been cleaning for me for a long time now, and I have come to rely on them a fair bit!
Tanya Warner29/04/2014
     Cleaning had always felt like a waste of my time, and I had little enough of that as it was! As a single dad with a full-time job, my life was hard enough without having to worry about a cleaning schedule for me to stick to. I hired my professional cleaner from ChelseaCarpetCleaners following some good reviews, and it's the best decision I could have made for me and my family! The house has never looked cleaner, and the service is fast, affordable and very dependable. My cleaner's very friendly which is excellent, and I couldn't be more pleased!
Derek H.17/04/2014
     I was planning on selling my house, and thought that having it deep cleaned would make it more appealing to the many people coming to see the home. I hired ChelseaCarpetCleaners and sure enough they were ready to help straight away. They came a few days later and cleaned the house from top to bottom. They even cleaned all the things that I would usually neglect like the blinds and the door handles. The home looked, felt and smelt great and sure enough, the house was sold a few weeks later. All I can say is a massive thank you to all the fantastic cleaners that did such an amazing job.
Diane W.27/03/2014
     With so many cleaning companies around in any one area, it is often hard to know who to choose. I hope that with my recommendation, you will go for ChelseaCarpetCleaners as they are by far and away the best cleaning service that I have ever used. Admittedly I have only used a couple, so my word is not hugely valuable, but I often find a genuine recommendation will pull one or two names out of the pile for me, so why not!? A great cleaning company who will do you a great clean for a great price, highly recommended.
Everett Moss05/03/2014
     Every time I went round to visit my neighbour I could never believe how clean her house was. I've always tried my best when it comes to cleaning my house, but no matter how much time and effort I put into it, my home just never looked as good as hers! When she finally admitted that it was all down to ChelseaCarpetCleaners I just had to give them a call and now my house is just as sparklingly clean as I've always wanted it to be! I love showing off my house to my friends and family now and I couldn't be more pleased with this professional and cheap service!
     Having ‘indulged' somewhat while my girlfriend was on holiday the apartment was something of a state and I knew I was only capable of so much. So in order to get things back to normal I gave ChelseaCarpetCleaners a call to come in and clear the place up. As soon as she walked back in to the apartment you could see the suspicion on her face - she knows I am not a good cleaner. I had to come clean (excuse the pun), but she was so impressed that we now employ their services regularly. Fantastic service.
J. Cleary02/12/2013

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